Cosy Thame Draught Excluders

Cosy Thame is working in partnership with Citizens Advice and A Stitch in Thame to produce over 50 draught excluders to help people keep warm this winter but to help keep down the bills too.

20 is plenty for Thame

On Tuesday 28th April the Councillors of Thame unanimously agreed to change the speed limits in Thame and Moreton to 20mph. Now OCC has approved Thame for phase in 2023/24.

Table Top along Hamilton Road on Lea Park Tree Project

Following a post on social media by a resident near Table Top, the green space along Hamilton Road on Lea Park, we contacted the resident and Thame Town Council to start discussions on whether some trees could be planted to replace the ones that have been lost in recent storms.

Thame Repair Cafe

Following a post by Thame Green Living on social media talking about how great Repair Cafes along the lines of are for the environment a team from 21st Century Thame has taken up the challenge.

Verge Restoration

Thanks to Lucy Electric the Verge Restoration project has started. Howland Road planting was the first – where will the second be ?