20 is plenty for Thame

On Tuesday 28th April the Councillors of Thame unanimously agreed to change the speed limits in Thame and Moreton to 20mph. Now OCC has approved Thame for phase in 2023/24.

Twenty to be Plenty in Thame and Moreton

Following Thame Town Council’s submission to Oxfordshire County Council for Thame and Moreton to be considered for the 20mph initiative as approved at Full Council, Oxfordshire County Council have confirmed Thame and Moreton are scheduled in phase 2.

This will be completed in 2023/24 with an exact date to be confirmed.

Link to the timetable Requesting 20mph restrictions | Oxfordshire County Council

For more information about the new OCC approach can be found at https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/residents/roads-and-transport/traffic/requesting-20mph.

We hope that all residents will get behind this as we really feel that Thame needs to move towards more cycling and walking for those that can and make travel more safe and a more comfortable experience for everyone.


Why 20 miles per hour ?

Setting 20mph limits fits with global goals for health, sustainability and the climate.

The United Nations is calling on legislators around the world with this message:

 ‘On our streets, worldwide, where we walk, play and live, we call for action on speed. Low speed, liveable streets are essential and urgent.’

We can’t wait for national legislation; we need 20mph in Thame sooner!

At first glance speeds seem to be about ROADS, but
actually they are about PEOPLE and the WORLD WE WANT TO LIVE IN.

Broad and lasting benefits accrue to people and planet from normalising speeds to 20mph/30kmh.

In 2021 Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet voted to endorse proposals to make it simpler, quicker and less cost prohibitive to lower speeds to 20mph on most urban areas and village streets in places where it is both suitable and supported by residents.   Read about this vote.

A 20mph limit in Thame will bring many benefits :

  • Reduction in casualties
  • Safer for all to walk and cycle – which in turn encourages walking and cycling
  • Better mental and physical health
  • Cleaner air
  • More time to give way to each other
  • Savings on fuel because of less braking
  • Less particulates in the air we breathe due to less braking

During the first lockdown, we had a glimpse of a different world where there were very few vehicles on roads: the air was cleaner, the birdsong was joyous and we could walk and cycle freely.

More information, including details about how towns, parishes and villages can register an interest in bringing in 20mph limits, are available on Oxfordshire County Council’s website.


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