Cosy Thame Draught Excluders

Cosy Thame is working in partnership with Citizens Advice and A Stitch in Thame to produce over 50 draught excluders to help people keep warm this winter but to help keep down the bills too.

Cosy Thame is liaising with two other organisations in order to help households reduce their energy bills this year.

The two organisations are Citizens Advice and A Stitch in Thame.

Citizens Advice are a not for profit national organisation who provide advice in 2,500 locations across England and Wales.  They have over 21,500 volunteers supporting the delivery of their work alongside 7,000 paid staff.  The service is worth at least £750 million to society.

A Stitch in Thame is a facebook group who started with the idea of meeting up and doing some sewing but this was hijacked during the Pandemic and the group produced 1000s of laundry bags, face coverings, scrubs, scrub caps for the local community and for the NHS.

This project has one targetted aim – to produce DRAUGHT EXCLUDERS for anyone locally who would like one.  The project will start by providing these draught excluders through Citizens Advice to those in greatest need.  Once that route has been supplied then we’ll look at others in the community.

Reducing draughts in the home will reduce the need to turn up the heating.  Draught excluders are just on way of achieving this.

A Stitch in Thame are aiming initially to produce over 50 draught excluders like these :

If you would like to join in please do ask to join A Stitch in Thame.

Cosy Thame and the admins of A Stitch in Thame will then liaise with Citizens Advice to get them collected and distributed to those that need them.