Rycote Meadow restoration

Enhancing the biodiversity of Rycote Meadow and making it a place for quiet recreation.


Thame Green Living has been invited by the Town Council to oversee the provision of a new path from the Thame Meadows estate across Rycote Meadow to Oxford Road. In addition, a plan will be developed for enhancing the biodiversity of the Meadow as a place for quiet recreation.  Thame Green Living will be working with the Cuttle Brook Local Nature Reserve – the main part of the Cuttle Brook Nature Reserve is situated directly opposite Rycote Meadow on the south side of Oxford Road. This will be a 3-year staged delivery.


  • Year 1 :
    • To design, specify and cost a new path (to be paid for from planning funds)
    • To commissioning flora and bird surveys of the site to inform the conservation plans
    • To design a planting scheme and an overall scheme for the area
  • To protect the ecologically sensitive parts of the site, by introducing features such as hedges
  • To engage with the local community in order to build support and a team of volunteers committed to looking after the Meadow
  • To develop and commission appropriate signage to explain the importance of the site.
  • To fundraise for elements not covered by planning funds.


  • Agreement from TTC on the proposed project brief
  • Flora and bird surveys commissioned

Next steps

  • Further development of the design and determine site layout of the new pathway


Latest project news

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    Wild Oxfordshire, our local conservation organisation, has been very supportive to Thame Green Living and has advised on the Green Living Plan.  Recently it hosted its Annual Lecture online at which Dr. Richard Benwell, CEO of the Wildlife and Countryside Link, gave a salutary analysis of the situation facing the natural environment.  Despite the promising […]
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Project Team

  • Dom Gabriele, Charles Boundy, Colin Bloxham, Lynne May – Thame Green Living
  • Nigel Sims
  • Hilary Phillips – River Thame Conservation Trust
  • Mike Furness – Cuttle Brook Local Nature Reserve
  • Ava Gabriele


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Project Partners


Project type:
Green Spaces

Project status:

Project start:
February 2021

Project end:
Spring 2024 (expected)