Bike Racks in Thame

More bike racks around Thame would encourage more cycling into Thame.

To encourage more people to cycle in Thame the provision of enough bike racks, both covered and uncovered, provide a visible change of emphasis from cars to bikes throughout the town.

Convenient and secure cycle parking can attract visitors and encourage cycling. More cycling improves air quality, lowers congestion, improves people’s fitness and health, and promotes well-being.

In towns where there is more provision for bicycles, shops, cafes and businesses see more trade and the town is more attractive. Ten bikes can fit in the same space that a single car.

During lockdown the Town Council took the opportunity to install some new bike racks where it was easy to do so but there are no sheltered stands except at schools and so bicycles get wet and the ride home can be uncomfortable! Provision at some key places is poor, such as the health centre.

Places that maybe should have cycle parking:

  • library
  • bus stops
  • museum
  • Players Theatre
  • health centre (poor quality provision at present)
  • dental practices
  • cricket club
  • Barns Centre
  • tennis club
  • football club (already some provision)
  • skate park
  • snooker club
  • churches
  • leisure centre (already some provision)
  • schools (already some provision)
  • offices and other places of work

What can we do ? 

  • Build a team
  • Produce an audit of the racks available now (possibly already mapped on new Thame Town Map)
  • Create awareness of the racks available now with social media and other channels
  • Agree on whether more racks would be beneficial
  • Secure a sponsor or funding for the purchase and installation of the racks
  • Arrange the permissions with the councils/landowners
  • Arrange the purchase and installation
  • Create awareness of any new racks and encourage more cycling