What if I cant charge an EV at home?

When thinking about getting an Electric vehicle, this is a common question that comes up. However, it is not a problem that needs to stop you. Across UK, about 30% of homes don’t have off-street parking. There are 16,000 public charging locations & 500 are added every month. This is twice as many charger locations as there are petrol stations.

Below we outline a range of option you can explore as an alternative to being able to charge your car at your home.

Make Use of Public Charging points:

You don’t need to charge every day, so plan when it’s convenient to use:

  • Chargers at Supermarkets, Pubs, Leisure Centres, Stations & Car Parks
  • Locate your nearest Rapid and Ultra-Rapid chargers and Charging Hubs
  • There are new and faster chargers coming on stream every week
  • Thame Green Living is working to get public chargers in Thame
  • Currently we have Rapid chargers at Postcombe, Aylesbury & M40 services

Find local chargers:

There are good, free Apps that show locations and status of chargers, eg:

Charge Overnight in secure local car parks:

Oxfordshire County Council is rolling out its “Park & Charge” scheme.

  • banks of Fast chargers are being installed in car parks across the county
  • they offer regular charging during the day, and provide ‘overnight’ charging
  • these car parks have good lighting and security cameras
  • it would be great if Thame could be one of the P&C locations

Charge at Work:

Workplace chargers for staff and visitors are becoming more common.

  • ask your company to provide this facility
  • government grants are available

Charge in your local street:

These options are being trialled across GB:

  • charging from local lamp posts
  • ‘pop up’ chargers in the pavement
  • having a ‘channel’ in the pavement so you can run a cable from your home

Charge at a neighbour’s home, using the CoCharger App (or similar):

This App organises the booking and payment

  • it just needs someone local willing to share their off-road charger
  • this App manages the practicalities including the payment for the energy
  • all charging sessions are documented
  • the home owner can make a reasonable return for providing the service