A Stitch in Thame partners with Cosy Thame

Who else has suddenly started to feel the cold in the last few days?

We know lots of people in and around Thame will really feel the cold this winter.

A Stitch in Thame is teaming up with the Cosy Thame Initiative and Citizens Advice in Thame to help people keep warm and keep fuel bills down.

Starting with DRAUGHT EXCLUDERS (thanks for the inspiration Kim Mottram)!!

A Stitch in Thame is a facebook group that banded together to make 1000s of Covid Laundry Bags, 100s of face masks and some scrubs and scrub caps. Now they are rallying around to help with the Energy Crisis.

The first target is 50 draught excluders by the time the cold starts to really hit at the end of October?

If you’d like to join the group then please do visit A Stitch in Thame.