Thame Drive Electric a great success

A huge thank you to all the lovely visitors who came to Thame Drive Electric this year and to all the local businesses and individuals which supported the event too. You made it another great success. Thanks also to Deputy Mayor, Adrian Dite who opened the event.

There was lots of interest in all the electric cars and many visitors enjoyed their first experience of riding in or driving an EV. Using the battery power of an electric car to make smoothies was also a great attraction and spawned lots of ideas of what else an EV could power, from boiling the kettle to charging a smart phone. If you want to find out more on electric cars there is lots of information on the Thame Green Living website

This year was the official launch of the Thame and Haddenham EV Hire Club, and there is now a dedicated car for you to hire by the hour at The Barns Centre in Thame, and also coming soon to Haddenham Village Hall. So, if you want to sign up and save money on your journeys this winter click this link and you’ll soon be on your way. The car is booked and accessed via an app.

The Energy Marquee was a buzz of excitement especially around the drone with the thermal imaging camera and many local residents have signed up to having a ‘thermal snapshot’ of their home this winter with Cosy Thame, a new Thame Green Living project. See here for more information