Thame’s new role – Environmental Project Officer

In July 2020 Thame Town Council adopted the Thame Green Living Plan – a 10 year plan for a cleaner, greener Thame – and you can find the full version of this plan here.

Since then, some incredible work has already been achieved, driven a lot of the time by volunteers and community groups, supported by Thame Town Council.

Over the years (around juggling the impact of Covid 19) it has become clear that a dedicated role at Thame Town Council would enable more coordinated approach to achieve the outcome of this plan – both internally, as well as within the local community.

As a result, Thame Town Council has established an ‘Environmental Project Officer’ role.

This role will be fulfilled by Becky Reid, who many of you will know from her role as the Thame Market Town Coordinator over the past few years.

Becky will be working with all the environmental groups who are active in and around Thame to bring about each action in the Thame Green Living Plan.

If you are a business and you are starting to develop your own sustainability journey and would like to get involved in supporting the achievement of the Green Living Plan – either through donating, fundraising, allowing staff time to be involved in community projects, sponsorship and more – then please do get in touch with Becky or any of the environmental groups.

As Becky establishes herself in this role more details about support opportunities will come out through the Thame Town Council Business Newsletter, along with all the normal business news that will also be continued. So please do ask Becky or anyone at the council how to receive this great business newsletter.