A resource to start your energy reduction journey

With the rise in the costs of energy that we are all going to be seeing over the next year or so it becomes really important to make changes in our lives.

Changes need to be made in our homes, at work and in our behaviour.

Knowledge will be key!

We will all need to find out what we can do now and in the future to help ourselves.

Here are the pages of a summary document that will get you started.

Things you can
do at no cost

Fix your roof

How to save
on your
energy bills

Thermal Imaging

House warming
from Low Carbon
Oxford North

Ideas to help
overcome the
energy crisis

Get better prices for your home charging

Things you can
do at
moderate cost

What if you
can’t pay
your bills ?

How much
can you save ?

Cosy Thame –

Use a
smart meter

Focus on the appliances that cost you the most energy