Crowdfunding climate change action in Thame

21st Century Thame and Thame Green Living have launched a Crowdfunder campaign to raise money to tackle climate change in Thame.

The recent COP26 conference in Glasgow highlighted the grave situation our planet is facing, and the need to act now. But while international action is essential in tackling climate change, local and regional action is critical too. In fact, the Glasgow Climate Pact agreed at COP26 is studded with references to the importance of local communities in both limiting climate change, and mitigating its effects.

Multiple organisations throughout Thame are already responding to the challenge of climate change, but there is much more to be done to achieve net zero emissions in time. The crowdfunding campaign will enable our local community to accelerate its response.

Initially the Crowdfunder will be used to provide support to individuals and businesses trying to become more sustainable. Beyond this, additional funds will be used to help deliver biodiversity, energy or infrastructure projects that move the whole of Thame towards a cleaner, greener future.

The campaign includes a range of rewards for individuals, groups and organisations. For just £25, individuals can unlock a list of 25 climate actions they can take in their home or garden. Donations from businesses can unlock tailored action plans, workshops and networking events that will help them cut down their carbon footprint, reduce their reliance on plastic, and improve their green spaces.

The largest donations will enable us to do more, faster by starting entirely new projects, in return for the benefits of headline sponsorship.

Thame Green Living and 21st Century Thame have big plans for this year. Our ambitions for 2022 include a Summer of Cycling project, a follow-up to last year’s highly successful Drive Electric event, the regeneration of Thame’s green spaces, enhanced provision for walking, and a cargo bike project.

All of these projects need your support.

To find out more about crowdfunding, learn more about our rewards, or to make a donation, please Join our Crowdfunder today.