Verge restoration begins at Howland Road

Work began this week on an exciting new joint project to restore road verges along Thame’s Howland Road. The project aims to rebuild verge habitats that can support local wildlife, and to capture carbon from vehicle exhausts as motorists travel the outer ring road of Thame.

The project is a collaboration between Thame Green Living, Theme Trees (part of 21st Century Thame), Thame Town Council and Lucy Electric, whose generous donation also paid for the trees. Local residents were previously informed of the plans and have offered lots of positive engagement about the project.

Verges like those on Howland Road are surprisingly important for wildlife. They can provide as an oasis for all manner of plant and insect life, while acting as vital links between larger habitats. According to the Wildlife Trusts, there are 300,000 miles of road verges in the UK, which are home to almost half of the country’s native wildflower species.

The project aims to plant a selection of modest-sized native trees on both sides of Howland Road, by the entrance to the Lucy Electric site and adjacent commercial buildings, with more areas to be added later. All the immediate verges will continue to be cut—as now—with vital sight lines maintained. The planting combination will eventually grow into a refreshing green canopy that will benefit a host of local wildlife, while providing a pleasant outlook for local residents, employees and walkers.

If you’re a local resident, let us know if you’d like to get involved!