Beautiful, thrifty and planet-friendly – some alternative wrapping ideas

It’s the thought that counts more than anything, especially this year. But here in the Love Thame Hate Waste team, we have to admit we do love beautifully wrapped gifts, both giving and receiving. And if the beautiful wrapping does happen to use recycled materials, it doesn’t get better than that!

Here are some ideas we found which we hope will inspire you.

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Using book pages (but only of damaged books that otherwise would be going in the recycling), newspaper and string, in the examples above. Or how about using brown paper, live plants and pine cones, and fabric?

The so-called ‘Unoriginal Mom’ provides 15 brown paper wrapping ideas here:

Oxfam shares how to use the furoshiki method:

And how about making gift tags? Look no further:

And for the ultimate creativity, check out a beautiful day blog . That shirt that isn’t quite good enough for the charity shop? Once you’ve made your mask from the body of the shirt, the sleeves make the perfect bottle wrap!

Happy wrapping!