Red Kite Family Centre share some favourite upcycled Christmas crafts

There are lots of great online resources for upcycled craft ideas – it’s amazing what you can make from waste!

We always love making this simple reindeer picture frame with families during December – all you need is a cardboard box, red nose, a couple of eyes, paper for antlers, and paint. And a big smile.

Or how about Orinoco’s cork reindeers? And anyone for Snowmen Tin Can bowling?

And making garlands is always fun to do with children – just have a rummage through your recycling bin for old paper, magazines and brightly coloured plastic or foil, which all can be used – or popcorn!

Environmental charity Hubbub shares 10 Christmas crafts and activities for kids – including salt dough decorations, orange peel shapes and popcorn strings.

We’d love to see what you make this Christmas – share your photos with us on Facebook.