The Triangle Planting Project

A creation of green space for the public adjacent to the skatepark and opposite Queen Elizabeth Circle Recreation Area.

Where is it?

The Triangle lies north of Tythrop Way – adjacent the skatepark.  As part of a previous Thame Green Living project the gates to it have been opened up as part of the Thame Walking Routes and allows access towards the Sewage Works and the walks past there.

Planting on 17th November 2022

Click the image to download the pdf of the planting

Read more about the planting on 17th November 2022 here.

Map showing the planting area

What is the current position?

The area has been opened up for public use recently.  The area has a path that is mowed around it’s edge for walkers.  The Thame Town Council appear to use it for composting and some retention of hard core waste.


Carmichael UK have offered sponsorship for this project. They are keen for active involvement and to get some of their staff on site for planting.

This may involve a sign on site (like the Churchill sign on the Waitrose approach) or just general publicity.

Thame Town Council have agreed in principle to be involved and to help prepare the ground for planting.

John Morris, local Tree expert, is providing expert advice on species, distribution, care.

#Thame Trees of 21st Century Thame and Thame Green Living, along with John Morris, are working together to design the area, organise the purchasing and the planting.

What is proposed?

  • A run of hedging along the main road boundary.
  • Suitable trees and shrubs in clumps along the metal fencing near where the area has been mown (rather than too close to the metal fence).
  • Possibly develop a more controlled area for composting – the output of which could be used for future planting projects.
  • Discussion on the retention of hard core in the area.

Map of proposed planting

When will this happen?

We are aiming for November / December 2022 for the hedge and maybe some of the other trees / shrubs.

Who will maintain it?

We need to have a plan for maintenance of the new plants in place before planting takes place.  This may include specifically watering.

We would like there to be a group, maybe a ‘Friends of the Thame Triangle’, to help maintain the plants.

The plants have to be looked after closely for the first 2 years.   They need to be checked regularly.  They may need watering through dry spells.  Some periodic hedge cutting and tree pruning is likely to be required.

What needs to happen next

  1. Create project on TGL website – done
  2. Formulate Care plan – in progress
  3. Agree maintenance level from TTC
  4. Agree maintenance level from Volunteers
  5. Obtain a services map of the area (pipes underground) – in progress but needs a volunteer to chase
  6. Confirm species and number of plants
  7. Produce planting diagram – done
  8. Discuss planting diagram with Carmichael and TTC
  9. Ensure planting diagram ok with residents
  10. Purchase plants, stakes, guards, netting, mulch
  11. Arrange date of planting – potentially 23rd November daytime
  12. Arrange volunteers for planting – possibly already sorted
  13. Photos and Press