Energy Bills in the Energy Marquee at Thame Drive Electric

At Thame Drive Electric this year we’re adding a new initiative called Cosy  Thame which will help residents identify  how and where they can make modest and cost effective improvements  at home this winter, to ensure they  keep energy  bills as low as possible, whilst also staying warm and cutting their carbon emissions – everyone’s a winner !

As part of this initiative Rubicondrones  will be offering  thermal rooftop surveys  in one area of Thame during the late autumn and winter, whilst thermal images of home elevations will also be available.  Come and sign up  for the survey at The Energy Marquee in Thame Drive Electric on  Saturday 10th September.

And don’t forget there will also be……

A wide selection of  Electric Vehicles to check out

  • Powering an appliance from an EV
  • Test drives or rides in a Tesla
  • Sign up for the new Thame + Haddenham EV Hire Club
  • A selection of Electric Bikes to peruse from Thame Cycles
  • The Thame Green Living ECO Raffle with generous donations from local businesses

This event is organised by Thame Green Living and supported by 21st Century Thame . If you’d like to be involved or run a project with us please contact us.