EV Hire Club Survey

One of the many exciting projects that the Thame Green Living (TGL) team are currently working on is an Electric Vehicle (EV) Hire Club for Thame and surrounding villages. And we would really value your input.

In return, you have the chance to win the use of the new VW ID3 for the weekend, kindly supplied to us by 3B Vehicle Hire in Haddenham!

EV Hire Clubs are beginning to pop up all around the UK as a new way to access vehicles when you need them, without the cost and hassle of owning one. It’s very easy to underestimate the amount cars cost every year, and especially when you consider that they spend most of their lives simply parked up outside homes or offices – £100s on insurance, maintenance and fuel, not to mention the lost value in annual depreciation.

By contrast, an EV Hire Club can be an extremely cost effective and convenient way of having a reliable main or second car available whenever it’s needed – with the added bonus of reducing a household’s carbon footprint significantly.   

To help shape the best EV hire club for our area, can you spend just five minutes completing the survey linked below, to tell us how a club could work for you:

Survey: https://forms.gle/BX1N4RTGPMaHUP829

The survey will be open until Friday 16 April 2021. The winner of the weekend’s use of the VW ID3 will be selected at random from those people who completed surveys and opted in to be part of the free draw.

We look forward to hearing your views!