Make a pledge

Making a pledge is a great way to start thinking and acting in a Green Living way. There are plenty of things you can do straight away that will benefit both you and the community, as an individual or an organisation.

For inspiration, see what others have pledged to do below, or have a look at our ACTION IDEAS for individuals/families and organisations.

(Note: when you make your pledge, please be assured that your email address will be kept confidential and not displayed on the page)

  1. I pledge not to drive into the town centre and to walk or cycle instead πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈπŸš΄β€β™‚οΈ

  2. I pledge to eliminate industrial meat, produced using imported soya animal feed, and non-MSC fish from the family shopping basket. And provide active support for increasing biodiversity in Thame and surrounding area.

  3. I pledge to start the retrofit of my house to improve its energy efficiency – with long term aim to be a zero carbon home

  4. I pledge to think twice when out shopping. Do I really need this? How is it packaged? Is it recyclable? Is there a better alternative?

  5. More easy to use rapid chargers are needed. I will charge my EV more often ‘on the road’ and only use modern ones that offer contactless payment.

  6. I will cut down wasteful use of my gas boiler, such as the timer coming on when we’re out, and explore more intelligent App-based controls for my heating.

  7. I pledge to make my front and back garden more wildlife friendly this winter. Create a pond, a small gap in the fence so hedgehogs can pass through out the back – and plant wildflowers and a tree my front garden.

  8. Reduce “beer miles”, buy uk sourced ingredients, recycle or repurpose waste, use reusable casks and kegs. Shop local!

  9. I will try to source more local, seasonal food and to reduce the amount of plastic-wrapped produce that I buy.

  10. I pelage to never use a car in Thame unless I am going into any of the surrounding areas or essential trips. Eg shopping

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