Waymarkers – Signposting the Thame Outer Circuit

Those of you who have been out and about on foot around Thame may have noticed bright new signs on posts and gates.

These are for the Thame Outer Circuit and some of the connecting routes linking this back to Thame.

The work has been coordinated by Thame & Wheatley Ramblers, working with Thame Green Living and Thame Town Council.

Starting from the end of May – with more to come – 53 Thame Outer Circuit (TOC) roundels have so far been nailed up, sometimes presenting quite a challenge!

The first is at Haddenham Station in the direction of the Snakemoor Nature Reserve and the last directs walkers off Station Road, Haddenham, along the permissive path following the railway line back to the station.

Look out for the new signs, even if some posts are now getting quite crowded!

Please always use the Thame Outer Circuit map online or available from the Town Hall.

Happy wandering!

Ruth Cornish – Ramblers; Charles Boundy – Thame Green Living; Becky Reid – Thame Town Council

1 thought on “Waymarkers – Signposting the Thame Outer Circuit”

  1. This is a fantastic route and a wonderful asset to those who like to follow waymarked routes. I know also in the post you have mentioned that there are more markers to be put up, but the ones I’ve seen so far seem to be few and far between and also facing in only one direction. Again, I know that the route is described in an anticlockwise direction, but if you happen to be walking clockwise, you have to fumble your way around and cross gates and styles, before seeing the sign on the opposite side, pointing back the way you have come from (confirming at least that you’ve come from the correct way). Most other significant trails locally have trail markers on both sides of a gate/hedge/style/post, showing the direction either way. This generally negates the need to carry a map for those of us who casually follow, rather than wanting to carry maps or apps. Please keep up the good work and it would be lovely to have other routes in the future.

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