Introducing the Thame Inner Circuit

Recently we introduced you to the Thame Outer Circuit; today meet its little brother – the Thame Inner Circuit. This walk is a 4 mile walking route making use of existing paths, pavements, tracks and trails within Thame and is perfect for a dog walk, getting your step count up, meeting a friend for a walk, or helping to work off that ‘lock-down load’.

The intention is that for anybody living in Thame, some part of the route will be close by, so that the whole circuit can be enjoyed from anywhere in town. Of course, shorter walks can be carried out by simply taking in just part of the circuit. Many of the paths are close to houses so please respect the privacy of the occupants. Walkers are also asked to leave things as they find them, to take litter home, and to clean up after their dogs. The circuit crosses both major and minor roads so please cross these with great care and use pelican crossings if available.

This walk has been created on behalf of Thame Green Living as an approachable route to encourage walking around the town, as recommended in the Thame Green Living Plan. With thanks to Len Davidson, Steve Brandish and Ruth Cornish (Thame & Wheatley Ramblers) and Lea Park Residents’ Association for helping create this walk.

> Download the Inner Circuit walking route here

In due course it’s also hoped we will be able to develop a Mid-Thame Circuit, between the Outer and Inner routes.

Happy walking!

Charles Boundy