Thame Green Living: Low Carbon Hub’s Community Group of the month

We’re just a little bit proud: the Low Carbon Hub has made Thame Green Living its Community Group of the Month.

Here’s what the Low Carbon Hub had to say:

Thame Green Living are one of the Low Carbon Hub’s most recent groups but they have lost no time in carrying out impressive town-wide actions on climate change identified in their extensive and strikingly designed Green Living Plan. The plan outlines actions and projects that involve the whole community, from individuals and families to schools and businesses and includes suggestions for longer-term infrastructure changes.

You can read their full article here:

Well done to the many people who have been involved with a whole variety of Thame Green Living projects – from verges to clean air, footpaths to electric vehicles, biodiversity to litter picking, food and packaging waste to active travel, and lots of other things besides (some still in the planning stages).

If you’d like to get involved with any projects that are aimed at helping Thame to become cleaner and greener, get in touch!