Have you seen these signs around Thame?

You may have seen these new signs appearing in areas around Thame, indicating verges that are part of a no mowing trial. They are the result of a joint initiative led by Thame Green Living working with Thame Town Council, and part of a broader project that aims to restore some of the richness of biodiversity in public spaces in Thame.

Sometimes it is just the routine way that things are being done that may be opposing our dream of improved biodiversity.  “We have to thank Thame Town Council for entering into discussions and being invested in the ideas that we are promoting to improve biodiversity in the town,’ says Charles Boundy, Chair of Thame Green Living.  “With the council’s help, we have arranged to reduce the areas that are mowed so that more wild flowers and wild plants can grow, giving more insects and small mammals places to live.”

The revised verges mowing policy project is currently being trialled and covers the verges from Edge Hill (near the Football Club) to Howland Road.

If you support this new verges policy, help us get it extended by calling into Thame Town Council and ask them to expand the scheme further into other areas around Thame!

About Thame Green Living

The verges projects is just one of the many projects being actioned as part of the Thame Green Living Plan (you can see how the verges fits in on page 24 of the plan.) If you would like to get involved with any of Thame Green Living’s projects, please get in touch. There are loads of ideas in the plan – for individuals, groups and businesses, and the team would like everyone in Thame to get involved.

Maybe you could take on one of the projects with a group of your friends ? Just contact us here.