New bio-diverse habitat created on Greyhound Lane

Churchill Retirement Living has teamed up with Thame Green Living on plans to create a new ‘bio-diverse’ area of land opposite the Yeats Lodge development on Greyhound Lane.

Prompted by support for the ‘natural world’ principles embraced in the Thame Green Living plan, Churchill Retirement Living will landscape and plant the area with a variety of native trees.

The aim is to create a habitat that will benefit local wildlife, treating nature with respect, and enhancing the area’s appearance for people to enjoy.

In Churchill Retirement Living’s press release to announce the joint activity, Thame Green Living founder Charles Boundy said: “Our aim with the Green Living Plan is to protect and enhance quality of life for everyone locally in the things that really matter – our air, our water, our overall well-being and the natural world that surrounds us. We’re delighted to see a developer like Churchill adopting the principles of the plan with its design for the land on Greyhound Lane, and we can’t wait to see the plans become a reality.”

Churchill Retirement Living’s Commercial & Construction Director Barry Brown added: “We felt it was important to embrace the Thame Green Living plan as we look to turn this area of land into an interesting and attractive space for local people to enjoy all year round. The new landscaping has been carefully designed to increase bio-diversity in line with the aims laid out by the Green Living Plan, and to thrive without the need for excessive maintenance.”

Source: Churchill Retirement Living Press Release, 12 October 2020