EV hire club

An electric vehicle hire scheme for Thame and Haddenham

The EV Hire Club is now LIVE!

Our new Community EV Hire Club is now operational from dedicated parking spaces in Thame and Haddenham.  Just go through a simple registration and verification process to enable you to :

  • book and rent an EV by the hour
  • unlock, start and drive the EV via an app on your smartphone
  • no fees – no keys – just book, pay and drive

Interested ? Just follow this link www.3bhire.co.uk/ev-hire-club to sign up.

The EV car club vehicle is now based at the Park and Charge hub at Southern Road SODC car park (behind Costa) – this is where it will be picked up from and returned to, and charged up at the very reliable and easy to use EZ-Charge chargers. 


Below is the project information that has culminated in the new EV Car Hire Club being launched.


An Electric Vehicle (EV) Hire Club has the potential to bring substantial environmental benefits to Thame and Haddenham, accelerating the adoption of cleaner, less polluting vehicles on the roads, reducing carbon footprint for users, less car ownership (with reduced need for parking spaces), and encouraging people to reflect on their personal choices (eg the need to own a first and/or second car). In addition, it could provide substantial cost savings to individuals. Successful EV Hire Clubs are already established in a number of areas, including Hook Norton, Derwent Valley, Weardale Community Transport and Rose Hill.


  • To establish a simple to operate EV hire club for Thame and Haddenham areas to run through a local existing vehicle hire company
  • The club needs to be self-funding and have an online booking system



Latest project news

Project Team

  • John Scott, Wendy Duckham – Thame Green Living
  • Alan Thawley – Zero Carbon Haddenham
  • 3B Hire
  • Ad hoc volunteers for support activities

Get involved

Assistance with EV Awareness Event organisation required



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Project start:
October 2020

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